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galvanic facial boston

congested pores or seeing loose skin?

A Galvanic Facial uses direct electrical current to introduce water-soluble substances into the surface of the skin.  This helps to improve absorption and is obviously therefore great for dry or dehydrated skin.  However, it can also help people with oily skin, as it removes congestion by liquifying the sebum that causes clogged pores and prevents acne breakouts. A Galvanic Facial boosts the effectiveness of most any skin treatment. It can be a great anti-aging treatment or anti-congested skin/acne treatment.

It was used as a skin treatment in the 1800's but gained more popularity in Europe in the 1970's.


Benefits of Galvanic Skin Treatment:

  • Softer skin:  Aging makes the skin look dull and leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also makes the skin feel rough to the touch.  Galvanic treatments help in easing the muscles and tissues of the skin and allow them to carry more oxygen and blood, thereby restoring the skin’s pH. It only takes a few treatments to feel the noticeable softness.

  • Deeper penetration of skin-care products:  Galvanic facials allow the anti-aging ingredients in treatment gels to penetrate deeply into your skin. This is due to the galvanic current changing the products charge to a positive. Good products work best deeper in the skin; why just let the products sit on top of the skin if you can penetrate with a galvanic treatment?

  • Reduced dullness: The first sign of aging is the dullness of the skin. It will instantly increase the oxygen content of your skin and remove dullness!


  • Fewer age lines: Age lines are essentially cracks on the face. They appear as skin loses its elasticity and can be hard to remove. However, galvanic treatments can help.

  • Lighter, firmer and clearer complexion: Galvanic treatments can lighten dark spots on the skin. Because the current has a positive charge, it can destroy harmful toxins (which are negative charges) by attracting the impurities through the current thereby clearing things like dark spots, acne and other things that interfere with your perfectly fair complexion


  • Moisture and reduced wrinkles: Galvanic currents help with the production of collagen and new skin cells. This gives way to healthy skin and increases blood circulation in the face making skin firmer, fresher and with restored moisture!

Obviously, a galvanic facial isn’t for everyone, but it is a great aid in fighting aging, sagging skin dryness, and acne! 

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