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let the expert decide - trio

spa boston

not sure, or want to mix and match elevations?

If you are a first time client or just not sure which service to book, "let the expert decide" is always the right answer. It's easy and we'll discuss options and make a recommendation for which elevation will be best for your skin.  The trio category offers the most flexibility and options for your facial. You will begin with our amazing 50 min custom facial which includes: skin analysis, steam, double cleansing, hot towels, manual extractions + ultrasonic, optional high frequency, face mask, and our grounding face, neck, decollate, and arm massage plus one of the following trio elevation:

Medium Depth Peel
Acne Facial

You can mix and match 3 elevations from the solo category. For example, you could get a Hydrapurge + Microderm + LED facial OR a Microderm + Hydrabrasion + o2 Hydrafusion. 


You could select 1 duo category elevation such as a dermaplaning and also add 1 solo category facial elevation such as a LED.

There are endless options of facial combinations that you could try.  But don't stress about it, just book this service and your Aesthetician will help you pick the right elevations for your facial service.

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