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Facial FaQ's 

  • How do I book an appointment?
    You may book online or call the spa at 857-331-8400. We do require a credit card on file to hold your appointment, as well as you phone number and email.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    If it's more than 24 hours before your appointment, you can cancel or adjust your time slot through our appointment link OR you can call or text the spa to change your appointment time or cancel your facial service. In order to protect our Aestheticians we do charge a cancellation fee if it's within 24 hours because that is an appointment that they could have otherwise filled. Let's be honest, it's hard to make it living in Boston. We love and respect our customers and we simply ask that our customers treat our staff with the same respect. We understand if you have to cancel or change your facial service. We just humbly ask that you do so with 24 hours notice. Cancellation within 24 hours will incur a 100% service fee.
  • Should I avoid cosmetics after my facial?
    When you leave your facial, your skin will be glowing so why not just let your skin breathe :)
  • Which service should I choose?
    Not sure what facial to book? Simply choose one of the "Let the expert decide" facials. We have a solo facial category, a duo facial category, and a trio facial category. With the solo facial category you will get 1 "elevation". With the duo you may choose 1 advanced elevation (ex. dermaplaning) from the duo facial category OR you could choose 2 elevations from the solo category. The trio category follows the same logic; you'll get 1 of our most advanced elevations (such as a a microcurrent facial) or you can mix and match 3 solo facial elevations or 1 duo facial elevation and 1 solo facial elevation. If you have specific facial elevations that you'd like to try, simply book the let the expert decide and let your Aesthetician know what you'd like when you arrive. You can also leave a note for your facial appointment when you book online. Some facial elevations can't be combined, like dermaplaning and microdermabrasion for example) because we don't want to over exfoliate your skin! You can view all of our facial elevations at
  • What should I wear to my facial appointment?
    It is best to wear loose fitting clothing for your facial. This way your Aesthetician can have access to your shoulders and arms for our world class massage portion of the facial service. Alternatively, we have a wrap that you change into. But if you want to go with the wrap, try to arrive a little earlier so that you can quickly change and not cut into the allotted time for your facial service. We begin our facial services on the top of the hour and end on the 50 min mark.
  • What product line do you use in your facial services?
    We use our own expertly crafted skincare product line called Blue Origin. Blue Origin is uses powerful ingredients that are also organic, vegan and not tested on animals. We don't use "fillers" and our products are very active. This means, for example, that when you are buying a serum from us the ingredients that give the skincare benefits are in high concentration and you can tell that by reading the product ingredient list. The higher up on the list, the more of that ingredient there is in the skincare product. We also use Face Reality for those who are experiencing acne or breakouts. Face Reality is the leading product manufacturer for acne treatment.
  • Can I wear makeup to my facial appointment?
    Yes, you can wear make up to your facial appointment. Regarding mascara, please tell your Aesthetician if you would prefer them to either remove it completely or leave it on. We do not typically remove mascara unless a client requests because some clients like to keep it on if they are shopping or going out on Newbury Street after their facial service.
  • What should I experience after my facial?
    Glowing skin. If you choose a stronger skincare treatment such as a chemical peel or a microneedling, your skin expert will discuss the results that you can expect to see after your skin treatment.
  • I’m pregnant- can I still get a facial?
    Definitely! Mom's to be deserve extra love because, let's face it, being pregnant is hard. Just tell your Aesthetician and we will make sure you and your baby are safe and that you have a great facial experience.
  • How often should I get a facial?
    For the best skincare results, monthly facials are best. Coming in monthly also allows us to address skin concerns, promote cell turnover, and help you maintain a healthy complexion. Our skin experts can personalize a plan when you visit to ensure you get on the best regimen for your skin. Our monthly membership program is designed to make regular facials affordable. Your skin works really hard to hold your body together, you should be kind to it :) and a facial membership is a great way to do that.
  • Do men get facials too?
    Skin is skin. Skin doesn't have a gender. So yes, men can get facials too. In fact, many more men these days are doing more self care, facials, massage services, etc. Dudes, there is nothing macho about walking around with dry, cracked skin. Come on it, and we'll get you squared with facial products and our monthly facial membership program.
  • Can I customized my facial journey?
    You can completely customize your facial journey at skinkind. You can let your Aesthetician what elevations you would like in your service, or you can let us make an expert recommendation. Would you like more extractions? Less extractions? How do you like your massage pressure? Maybe you don't like steam? If you have any preference, we want to know so that you walk away feeling like you have just had the best facial of your life.
  • Do you do a double cleanse in your facials?
    Yes, we always do a double cleanse in our facials. The only exception would be if the client is running 15 minutes late. In that case, in order to end the facial on time (so we don't inconvenience the next client) we may only have time for 1 cleansing.
  • What is dermaplaning?
    Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique that uses a surgical scalpel to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. This process helps to promote smoother skin texture, enhance the effectiveness of skincare products, and create a radiant complexion. Dermaplaning is known for its ability to provide immediate results with minimal downtime, making it suitable for various skin types. It's a popular choice for those seeking a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.
  • Who cannot have dermaplaning?
    The only skin conditions that prevent us from doing dermaplaning are: Skin cancer Active cold sores Uncontrolled diabetes Dermatitis Open skin lesions (including herpes) Raised warts Currently using Accutane (or in the past 6 months) Inflamed acne* *If you have inflamed acne isolated to a certain area of your face, we could possibly dermaplane the areas without acne with your Aesthetician about the best skin treatment.
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