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What makes our facials different?

At skinkind Boston, the extras are included.  All of our facials are designed to deliver exceptional results while providing you with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  

You are in control of what elevations we use during your service. Elevations are our advanced skincare modalities or treatments.

All of our signature spa facials are 50 minute journeys for your skin that include: skin analysis, steam, double cleansing, hot towels, manual extractions + ultrasonic, optional high frequency, exfoliation, face mask, and our world class face, neck, decollate, and arm massage. 

facial in boston


Discuss your skincare needs and goals with your Aesthetician. We will tailor your facial experience to exactly what your skin needs. Feel free to choose your own elevations or we can.


This process removes impurities, excess oil, and debris, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized. Our cleansings are always performed with steam to help soften pores.

Skin Analysis/Extractions

Your skin expert will examine your skin to make treatment recommendations based on what your skin needs.. During your facial analysis, we will prep your pores for extractions if needed.  


We have 15 advanced skincare treatments and endless combinations of skincare modalities at our fingertips. Your skin will experience modern technology. 


Our facials include 20 minutes of a Swedish and nurturing style massage that includes the neck, decollate, hand, and arm. You will be fully relaxed and may even fall asleep! 

solo facial journey 

$129 member   $159 non-member

select one (1)  elevation from below:

3 step cleansing exfoliation hydration + hyaluronic acid

exfoliates + texture + fine lines
cocktail of serums infused into the skin
exfoliates + hydrates

red (anti-aging/ blue (calms and treats acne)

lymphatic drainage + helps detoxify skin

we will pick the best elevation for your skin

                most popular choice!

$149 member  $179 non-member

duo facial journey

pick two (2) solo elevations OR select one (1) from below:

tightens + anti-aging + acne fighting

penetrating heat + collagen and elastin

smoothes skin + removes vellus hair

we will pick the best elevations for your skin

                 most popular choice!

fine lines + improves texture

tightness + increases collagen

customized treatment of acne

our most powerful facial, customized to your goals and skin needs

              most popular choice!

trio facial journey

$169 member     $199 non-member

mix and match solo and duo elevations OR select one (1) from below:

Ready for glowing skin?

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